How much is that?… QR codes to help SEN Learners with money

Since Teachmeet Brighton last week, I have been thinking of ways that I could incorporate QR codes into my life skills curriculum. I wanted to use them to support students in developing their life skills and this week I have started to use them in our Meal Preparation Lesson. As part of the lesson, students have to compile a shopping list, checking to see what ingredients we already have from the recipe sheet and writing down the items they need to get individually from the supermarket. In the past we have given them an amount of money that would cover the costs of their items, but I wanted to give them more responsibility for this task.

This is where the QR codes come in……

For each item on the recipe sheet I have created a QR code which links to the supermarket website for that item. This gives the student an up to date price for their items which is quick and easy to access. Using a webcam, QR scanner software on a laptop and the QR scanner on the iPad, students are able to quickly find out how much their items cost. With this information they are able to decide how much money they need to take with them and select the appropriate coins themselves.

With the introduction of the QR codes I hope that the students will take more responsibility for their own understanding of the cost of items and apply their learning of the value of money and apply it in a practical way that will help them become more independent in an important life skill.




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