Using Flip Camera in the Classroom – ‘How to’ Videos

The idea behind the students creating there own ‘How to’ videos was to:

1. Give them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding

2. Produce a resource that could be used by students developing their life skills.

In groups, the students went about deciding what skill they were going to showcase. Once decided they had to list the steps in a sequence that was needed to complete the task which in hand gave them the scenes they needed to record. Once this was done they went about filming the clips for the videos. For this round of videos students chose to concentrate on equipment that would use at home. In addition we discussed that some of these skills would be needed when it comes to running their cafe which they do for 2 weeks of the year as part of their enterprise week. The videos were based around using a kettle, dishwasher and coffee machine.

The great thing about the flip camera is its ease of use. Simple point and click with the record button that all students were able to access including those with physical difficulties.  Also the simple interface for watching videos back meant the students were able to quickly decide if they needed to re-record sections.

Once filming was complete, students then uploaded their videos into Windows Movie Maker and went about editing their videos adding music and captions to go with it.

The students really enjoyed the task and it was great to see SLD students show thier understanding and produce some excellent pieces of work that can be used to teach other students.

Below is an example of one of the videos the students created:


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