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Gesture Based Technology – Kinect 2

Last week, Microsoft announced their successor to the Xbox 360 and while many people around the world were interested in what the Xbox One would deliver, I was far more interested in the latest incarnation of the Kinect. Since starting to use the Kinect in the classroom with many of our students, I have been fortunate to be part of a Professional Learning Community looking at the impact of gesture based technology and I have seen many excellent examples of promoting engagement with SEN students.  When I finally saw the video below that, details the specifications and showcases what the new Kinect can do in terms of data it receives, I am very excited about the impact this could have on the students we work with.

Imagine students on the Autistic Spectrum exploring their emotions, using the facial recognition software or students doing playing a game where they can only proceed if their bodies are in the right positions as part of their physio routines. The accuracy of the cameras will have a larger impact on those students with limited mobility as it should allow for these student to have greater control over their environments to make things happen.  I am certainly excited and the big bonus is that they are going to make a Windows versions which hopefully will open up the technology to a larger range of developers

Better start saving!!!!!

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