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#Kinect PLC 20th June 2013

After retuning home from another fantastic meeting discussing and examining the impact of gesture based technology on the students we work with, I wanted to share some of the findings from the day. Big thanks to Heronsbridge School for hosting the meeting and I always enjoy going to new schools and having a look around and there were many fantastic examples of how they support and develop their students learning throughout the school.

The meeting started with an update on where we were in terms of future developments, in particular the introduction of the Leap Motion and Kinect One which we discussed the potential of these pieces of technology and the impact they could have on our students. If you have not seen the Kinect One have a look at my previous post here. An exciting development with the PLC is being able to have a hand in developing our own applications with the Cariad Interactive team and this is certainly something to look forward to.

Onto the evidence sharing, where there were some fantastic videos of students using the technology. What is great to see from the examples shown, was the engagement shown by students who would usually struggle with concentrating on tasks for long periods of time. They clearly enjoyed interacting with the various programmes like Somantics and Visikord and through perseverance students showed excellent progress in their engagement. For example a student from Pen Maes, showed vocalisations which they never did at school and this was great to see their excitement from interacting with technology that enable them to have a control on their environment.

In the afternoon, Barri Farrimond from the MUSE Project showcased some of their music technology applications which aim to increase independence and engagement using music making tools that enable access for all. One of the applications shown was Looper Dooper (currently in BETA, but sign up to the mailing list to get the free download). Its a really simple music making app that create loops and you can record any sounds to these. Below is a video of Barry explaining how it works;

In addition, he showed a Kinect application which acts like a Soundbeam which when finished will be another useful tool to use with our students.

Again another worthwhile day and those who are interested in learning more about gesture based technology check out the KinectSEN wiki.

Sensory Room – Kinect Teaser

Not much for a blog post – just wanted to share that our kinect is finally installed in the sensory room and will be blogging about the whole setup in the next week!!!!


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