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When I started this blog I was in my second year of teaching and the purpose of the blog was to share how the use of technology and ideas in the classroom is used to support and enrich the lives of those students with SEN. I could never imagine the opportunities and contacts that I have developed through blogging and in terms of  its use for personal reflection of my practice it has been invaluable. The links to the Gesture Based Technology PLC has been a great example of how collaboration across a range of schools can occur through contact via the blog and Twitter.  and I certainly would not have been a part of this if I had not shared our use of the Microsoft Kinect a tool for engagement on this blog.

I have not blogged on here for over year and have found that the site has been neglected somewhat. This is down to a variety of reasons and will not bore you with them. As you have guessed from the title,  changes have occurred in terms of my own position in school since starting blogging; moving to middle leadership then senior leadership. With these changes, my time in the classroom has become less and I find that I spend more of my time developing others use of technology and ideas in the classroom. With this I have decided that I will use this blog to share the fantastic work that is being done in my school. I am very lucky to work with some amazing teachers who reflect and refine their practice to ensure that all students in tier classes are given the opportunities to learn and achieve regardless of ability. This is what I want to focus on with this blog and after a tidy up of the site this is what I concentrate on as well as given my view the changes that are currently occurring in the education system especially from SEN perspective.

Thanks to all those who have read and contributed to this blog and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading.

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