General Apps

Popplet£3.99 – Great mindmapping app that has an excellent interface to make it easy for students to note down the key points. Has the ability to add pictures and drawings to add visuals to their thoughts.


Splashtop Remote Desktop HD – £3.99 – Allows you to control a PC from the iPad on the same wireless network. The computer screen will appear on the iPad screen and gives you full control over your desktop PC. Great for controlling a PC connected to a projector. Requires the free Splashtop Streamer for the PC.

20120318-160937.jpg 20120318-160943.jpg


AirSketch Free – Free – Makes your iPad into a whiteboard by linking with your computer through an internet browser. Connect PC to a projector to show your sketches on a big screen. Have also used as a sketchpad for students to practice letter formations on.


Scan – £1.49- Allows students to scan QR codes and barcodes with the use of the iPad camera. See how I have used QR codes by clicking the link – How much is that?

20120318-161014.jpg 20120318-161018.jpg

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