Creative Apps

PuppetpalsFree – fantastic app which allows you to create your own animations with audio. Simple and intuitive interface allows recording of animations in real-time. read how I used it in more depth by clicking the link here.

20120302-082735.jpg 20120302-082752.jpg

iMovie – £3.99 – good app for making movies, which include videos, photos , music and sound effects. Used in conjunction with Puppetpals to finish off you animations. Really good interface that lends itself to multi-touch.

20120302-082805.jpg 20120302-082811.jpg

Book Creator – £3.99 – really simple app for students to create their own e-books which can be exported as e-pubs. Include pictures from the camera roll and the internet. Also allows you to record and insert speech and music.

20120302-082820.jpg 20120302-082816.jpg

iMotion HD – Free – fantastic stop motion animation app for the iPad. Take the pictures, edit the movie and export it all in the same app.

20120924-194906.jpg   20120924-194915.jpg

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