Sensory Apps

Fireworks Arcade Free – Great cause and effect app used with learners on the P-scales. Touching the screen causes the fireworks to go off and make the noise as well.


Pocket Pond – Free – Relaxing cause and effect app. Stroke fingers across the screen to get the effect of touching water. Fish swim away from your touches plus have the ability to add dragonfly’s and lily-pads.


Fludity – Free – Another cause and effect app with stunning visuals and colours to engage learners. Have used mainly with PMLD and SLD learners.


Balloonimals£1.99 – Really nice visuals with this app, blow the balloon up and swipe you fingers across to create the animals. Once the animal is made it will animate when ever you press it. Great sound effects too.

20120314-194628.jpg 20120314-194623.jpg

Peeping Musicians£2.29 – Used to develop early observation and target touch skills. Students have to wait for the musician to ‘peep’ onto the side of the screen and are rewarded by an animation and music. Great for students to develop their understanding of anticipation and cause and effect.

20120318-154633.jpg 20120318-154641.jpg

Somantics – Free – a suite of applications that allows you to interact with touch and camera. Great for SLD and ASC students to promote greater self awareness and confidence.

20120508-205548.jpg 20120508-205544.jpg

Mandala HD – £0.69 – Great visual app that can be controlled by touch and sound. In addition you can add your own photos that will be transformed into a mandala pattern

20120508-205600.jpg 20120508-205553.jpg

Vortex K – £0.79 – Touch sensitive app that creates audio-visual art. Works best with headphones and allows the student to receive both visual and audio stimulation


Particlepad – £1.49 – Another cause and effect app with stunning visuals and music. Comes with different effects.

20120508-205533.jpg 20120508-205525.jpg

Ooze – Free – nice cause and effect app using stunning visuals. Reacts by touch and by tilting the iPad.

20120528-205130.jpg 20120528-205134.jpg

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box£2.99 – 21 different scenes that provide excellent visuals and sounds for simple cause and effect activities.

  1. ooo, love the look of that balloon animal one, haven’t seen that before. Have to say that the koi karp one is very popular with many of our learners 🙂

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