Kinect Applications

Here are a selection of some of the sensory Kinect applications I have used in the classroom

Visikord allows studens to interact with the music. The application create stunning visuals in response to the movements made by the students while music is playing. Great sensory experience for all students. Read more here

Fuzzy Painter – Allows students to paint on a virtual canvas using their hands. Three brush effects available, a really simple app with great effects.

Fluidwall- another great visual app, stunning visuals and effects. Works in conjunction with students movement. Needs Windows 7 PC and at least an I5 processor.

Somantics – excellent suite of applications that use the kinect for simople cause and effect programmes. Encourage the students to explore, move and create their physical movements. This is available as a BETA from


Reactickles – Created by the same developers as Somantics. Another great suite of applications designed with ASD students in mind but beneficial to all students

  1. Stephane Vanaubel

    Hi, nice article !
    I try to find information about Fuzzy Painter but link is dead and nothing on Goggle.

    I begin to play with kinect for young people in a center. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thx 😉

    • Thanks for pointing out that the link is dead, seems they have taken the application down. I have a copy of it if you wanted it. Are you using the kinect with a PC?

      Worth checking out as there is lots more information there.

      • Stephane Vanaubel

        Great link.

        Yes I use kinect with a PC, on Windows7 x64.
        If you can send me a copy of the soft, it would be very great.


        Thanks from Belgium!

  2. Thanks for your great article. A bit too late to start with Kinect though. If you can
    send me the Fuzzy painter, it would be great!

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